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How To Check Number Of SIMs On ID Card in 2021

 Looking for a guide on how to check SIM number on ID card? It's quite easy. even though there

How To Check Number Of SIMs On ID Card in 2021

A biometric system in the country to register the SIM card on your CNIC,

Does the question arise whether the SIM card registered on your ID is being misused?

In this article, we will discuss all the possible ways to check the number of registered SIM cards

Your identity In this way you can turn off the service of any unwanted or lost SIM to prevent any misuse.

Ways to check SIM number on ID card:

You can check the number of SIM cards registered on your CNIC in two ways. you can either check it

online by a very simple method or you can easily just sms to a service that gives you a detailed reply

How many and which SIM cards are registered on your ID.

Checking the number of the SIM card via the Internet:

Just follow these simple steps to check the number of SIM cards registered on your ID:

Open Google.

"How to check the number of the SIM card on my ID?" Search query for.

Go to the exact website.

Enter your CNIC there.

Afterwards, fill the captcha code if required.

Full details of your SIM details will appear from where you can check the number of SIM on your ID.

Checking SIM card number via SMS:

Your SIM card information can be revealed by sending a message to a service that will respond to you within minutes. You can text your CNIC to 668 number from your mobile.

They will take less than two minutes to respond to you with details of which SIM cards you have registered on your ID and how many.

Other Online Methods to Check SIM Card Details:

There are a few other methods you can try if you know you only used a SIM card from a mobile networking service.

Zong- SIM Card Details

Here is how you can check your registered ZONG SIM:

Texting the CNIC number to 668.

PTA SIM CHECK Method: Send a text- "v" to the number 7911.

You can call 301 and ask the operator orally. He will give details.

ufone- sim card details

The method to check your registered Ufone SIM is:

To verify your mobile number, dial *336# and enter 1 after giving option.

You can always visit "Ufone Care Center" to solve this problem.

Jazz- Sim Card Details

To check your Jazz Sims, try:

Message your CNIC at 6001.

Send your phone number to 6001.

Telenor- Sim Card Details:

Telenor SIM card can be checked in many ways, viz.

Call 345 and ask the operator for your SIM card details.

You can blank text the number 7750 and visit your nearest Telenor retail store to ask for and receive CNIC sim check.

PTA SIM CHECK: Send a blank text to 7421 for reply.

How many SIM cards can a person register on his CNIC at a time?

A person can have only 5 SIM cards at a time. SIM cards can be of single service or multiple services. You cannot register more than 5 SIMs only unless you turn off a lost or unwanted SIM.


How to check SIM number on ID card, that's all. If you guys still have any question in your mind, then you can ask us in the comment section.


1- How do I check the status of my ID card via phone?

To check ID card status through mobile phone just dial *216#.

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